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How to Exfoliate and Get Rid of Cellulite With a DIY Coffee Facial and Body Scrub


Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to know how to exfoliate AND get rid of cellulite easily with a DIY Facial?

Well, you can! Try this DIY Coffee Facial and Body Scrub!

No one likes to admit it.  We all have those tell-tale cellulite dimples. It happens to the best of us.

At least, we have tried and true ways to banish ugly cellulite with simple homemade beauty recipes and the ancient art of dry brushing!

We’ll show you how to exfoliate your skin and get rid of cellulite with the easy DIY Skin Care recipe below!


DIY Coffee Facial and Body Scrub



Easy DIY Coffee Facial

Combine coffee grounds with a moisturizing oil and little bit of sea salt or Turbinado sugar for extra exfoliating! Add essential oils, if desired.

Dry brush, then, massage this fragrant facial and body scrub onto any problems areas of your body. This will stimulate the blood flow, which results in firmer, smoother, younger looking skin.

And…you probably have these ingredients at home!

Well, maybe not the dry brush. But that’s easily remedied.

See what people have to say about dry brushes.




● #1 Enemy of Cellulite
● tightens the skin
● provides antioxidants


When used regularly, these DIY Facial and Body Treatments have been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite—especially over time.


Get Rid of Cellulite With a DIY Coffee Facial



– 1 cup coffee grounds

– 6 tbsp coconut oil, or 1/2 cup oil of your choice. Grape seed oil has no fragrance.

– 1/3 cup Sea salt or Turbinado sugar

– 4 – 6 drops of Essential Oil of choice. Try Frankincense or Eucalyptus.

Step One
Combine dry ingredients in a large measuring cup or bowl.

Step Two
Melt the coconut oil if solid, and add to the mixture. (or add another kind of oil instead)

Step Three
Mix it well.

Step Four
Transfer contents to a Mason jar or container.

Step Five
OPTIONAL: Use your dry brush before getting in the shower to exfoliate skin and stimulate blood flow. Brush lightly in circular motions on any problem areas, and all over your body to experience the full benefits of dry brushing.

Step Six
When in the shower, apply coffee scrub to any areas with cellulite. Massage the scrub onto your skin in a circular motion. Let it stay on your skin 5-10 minutes before rinsing well.

For best results to get rid of cellulite:

Repeat this process every time you shower!

Extra Skin Care Tip:

Invest in a dry brush to exfoliate the skin

Follow insiders like Miranda Kerr and Elle Macpherson.

Invest in a dry brush. It has also been touted as a cellulite combatant,
because it  exfoliates the skin and stimulates lymph and blood circulation.


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How To Get Rid of Ugly Cellulite Fast and Naturally!

DIY Facials


How to Exfoliate and Get Rid of Cellulite With a DIY Coffee Facial and Body Scrub




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