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So, you’ve been wondering how to do a DIY at-home microcurrent facial?

It’s not surprising.

Microcurrent Facials are the “Most Wanted” Facial at Spas all over the globe!

One of the hottest innovations in the anti-aging industry, microcurrent technology, is used to perform facial contouring – which is toning, tightening and firming aging skin.

What is a Microcurrent Facial?

A microcurrent facial consists of the application of low-level electrical impulses onto your skin through probes or rollers used in combination with a water-based conductive gel.

The gentle electrical current rehabilitates the underlying muscles when applied to the skin. It improves circulation, and also skin tone and texture, diminishing fine lines.

The regular use of a microcurrent facial device will continue to increase skin muscle strength and restore freshness to your skin.

This remarkable technology works internally on

▪ muscle fiber

▪ tissue

giving you visible, external results!

It’s just like taking your face to the gym for a workout!



How To Do A DIY Microcurrent facial


Microcurrent facial toning devices use a specific amount of electricity that mirrors the body’s natural current, working in harmony with the body’s electrical system, to naturally re-establish muscle memory.

There’s no:

▪ harmful side effects
▪ pain, redness or swelling
▪ downtime

At-home Microcurrent facial machines are affordable and provide results that you can see and feel instantly!


How Do I Prepare for a DIY At-Home Microcurrent Facial?

Microcurrent works best on well-hydrated skin. Before your microcurrent facial, drink a minimum of 16 oz of water and again after your treatment.


Cleansing and Exfoliating The Face

Wash your face with gentle cleanser and warm water to remove all makeup.

Use a facial scrub or another exfoliant.

Rinse your face and pat it dry.


Purifying Your Pores

Try a steam treatment to open pores. You can use a dandy electronic At-Home Facial Steamer, or use a more hands-on, old-fashioned approach:

Boil a small pot of water on the stove.

Turn the heat off and sit or stand over the pot with a towel draped over your head. The steam coming from the water will be trapped around your face.

In either case, steam your face for 5 min. Add some essential oils to the water for a more luxurious experience. Try a few drops of lavender, lemongrass, rose, or grapefruit essential oil. If you do not have essential oils, use few herbal teabags. Chamomile, chai and peppermint are all aromatic.


Conductive Gel

A water-based Conductive Gel must be applied to the skin before treatment! (or, you can use plain water)

Conductivity Gel promotes good contact between skin and electrodes/rollers during Microcurrent Facial Treatments.


How To Do A DIY At-Home Microcurrent Facial

Start with an absolutely clean face!
Cream or oil on your skin will create tugging on your skin.
(Also, it keeps the machine clean!)

Apply a small amount of gel to the area you’re going to work on.

Do only small areas at a time, so that the gel will remain wet. (for conducting the electricity)

Place probes/roller on the face, gently guiding the microcurrent device.

Slowly glide the facial toner device along the contours of the face by the jawline. (5 seconds)

Do this 3 times, then move up and around to other areas of the face and brow, and repeat the gliding technique.


Use the Microcurrent Facial Toning Device for:

● Face (lifts the face)
● Neck (Soothes stiff shoulders and back of the neck)
● Legs (Soothes swelling)

When finished, wash off the gel with warm water.

Finish up with your favorite moisturizer.

** It’s best to use your microcurrent machine at home after bath or shower, when skin is more relaxed.


Are Microcurrent Facial Treatments Safe?

Microcurrent facial treatments are considered to be a safe and gentle therapeutic approach to the rejuvenation of skin.


How Often Should I Get Microcurrent Facials?

This completely depends on every individual. If you wish to look your best for a very special occasion, you will only need 1 or 2 treatments for that “Instant Facelift” effect.

If you wish to appear more youthful all the time,

it is recommended you begin a program of 12 treatments, 2 times a week for 6 weeks, and then do maintenance sessions once or twice a month after that.

Much depends upon your technique, muscle tone, water intake, smoking, diet and lifestyle.

Some people respond well to microcurrent treatments in just 5-6 sessions.


Benefits of a Microcurrent Facial

● Re-educates the muscles of the face
● Tightens and firms the skin
● Redefines facial contours
● Lifts eyebrows and jowls
● Rejuvenates and oxygenates the skin
● Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
● Increases cell renewal and elasticity
● Boosts elastin fibers up to 45%
● Boosts collagen up to 10%
● Helps lymphatic drainage


Tips For Preparing for a Microcurrent Facial

During the week prior to the treatment:
▪ Do not tan or use a self-tanner
▪ Do not use aggressive scrubs or masks
▪ Do not get Botox or Injectable Fillers
▪ Discontinue prescription strength Retin

The following precautions should be taken:
Do not use a microcurrent facial toning device:
▪ if pregnant
▪ if you have a history of heart disease or cardiac pacemaker
▪ if you have been diagnosed with tumors or cancer
▪ if you have implanted defibrillators, stimulators or any other devices


Microcurrent Machines For Home Use

Portable, at-home microcurrent machines allow for the convenience and privacy of an in-home treatment.

Plus, they save us the time/expense of visiting the Spa or Salon.


The average cost of ONE professional microcurrent facial toning treatment can cost upwards of $150! (with a series of sessions recommended several times a year)

The microcurrent devices we recommend will pay for themselves after just a few treatments.


Microcurrent Facelift Tips: How To Lift The Jowls





Recommended At-Home Microcurrent Systems


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