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Best Home Microcurrent Machines


Yes, even some famous people in Hollywood do it.

Do whaaat?

They use the Best Home Microcurrent machines.

For DIY Microcurrent Facials!

It’s true. You can read about it in the funny papers…


Microcurrent Machines To The Rescue


Someone asked me the other day…

How do Hollywood actresses/actors look so good on the Red Carpet?

Does it take days to get it together to look so good?

(in other words, not like a nervous wreck, or a train wreck, even)



The Red Carpet Facial


Do they get some kind of dramatic treatment?

Do they spend all day at the Spa…?

Or could it even be something a little more simple.

A drum roll, please…..


Presenting the Best Home Microcurrent Machines…


in the Category of Don’t You Look Mahvelous, Darling,

in no particular order….



The Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Facial Massager


The Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager is portable, waterproof and battery operated. Perfect in the bath or shower.  You can use this 24k Golden Pulse hand-held Facial Massager to reach those delicate and more sensitive areas on your face and neck.

Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager

The ReFa Carat Microcurrent Facial Toning Device


The ReFa Carat Microcurrent Facial Toning Device is Solar-powered, not battery operated. In the handle, there’s a Solar Panel which generates the microcurrent. The spheres rotate and are made of Platinum.  It’s hypoallergenic. It’s waterproof, so it’s fabulous in the shower, the bath and also with your favorite lotions. Tones and slenderizes your face and body.

ReFa CARAT Facial Toning Device


Re Fa Carat Platinum Electronic Roller for Men

All of the above, Solar Powered, waterproof, sexy-looking…

ReFa Carat for Men Platinum Electronic Roller



The Facemaster Microcurrent Facial Toning System, by Suzanne Somers

The FaceMaster Microcurrent facial toning system tones up the facial muscles. Facial firming, collagen production, higher elastin levels, hydrating the skin…and more. Called the ‘18 minute facial toning system‘ and also known as Suzanne Somers’ #1 Beauty Secret.


FaceMaster Facial Toning System


Suzanne Somers’ FaceMaster Platinum Facial Toning System



The NuFACE Mini

NuFACE Mini is a portable  petite, microcurrent facial toning device that’s FDA-cleared for the process of facial stimulation. This home microcurrent machine is one of those innovative anti-aging devices that delivers visible results for beautiful skin! It’s the perfect facial toning device for the “5 Minute Facelift” that so many celebrities favor!



The drum roll makes it more dramatic, don’t you think…?



The “Red Carpet” Facial


I mean, it’s near Oscar time

and we are talking about the very home microcurrent machines

used to attain a “Red Carpet Facial“,

aren’t we…

so we need a little fan fare!


Red Carpet home microcurrent machine instant facial


And for those of you who have no idea what I’m talkin’ about…


Microcurrent Facials – the ‘Instant Facelift’ or ‘Red Carpet Facial’


Home Microcurrent machines provide microcurrent facials which provide an Instant Facelift!

You see results immediately.

No kidding.

Perfect to do before the Big Night. Whatever that big night may mean to you…

like Oscar Night.

Microcurrent machines provide Instant results…

Visibly changing the skin contouring

leaving your skin toned, firmed and refreshed.


And home microcurrent machines allow you to do this

At Home.


Microcurrent isn’t new.

Microcurrent isn’t new technology. It’s been used for ages. I mean really, ages…

Electrotherapy – which, by the way, is the use of electrical currents to treat certain medical problems and diseases…

has an ancient history in the medical and other therapy-based professions.

It is said that the Romans used electric eels as a means for bringing about pain relief.

Not sure I’d go with that, but…

here we are in this century, and one of our featured products is even Solar Powered! (The Re Fa Carat)




1. You have to have one!

Anyone over a certain age, (ahem)
may have a need for a home microcurrent machine.

Yes, of course, you may like to go to the Spa or Salon for a Microcurrent facial skin toning treatment, like many a Hollywood A-lister,

or you may perform a microcurrent skin therapy treatment in the privacy of your own little bed, bath and beyond.

It’s your nickle.

However, smart reader, consider this:

4 times a month at the salon @ $150 + per Microcurrent Facial

= $600 +

For about $600, you can get all of these machines.

You do the math.

Jus sayin’.

I shall continue on…

Using microcurrent has tons of benefits.


Microcurrent Skin Treatment Benefits:


Micro-current offers an alternative to surgery

– Micro-current offers an alternative to surgery. It is considered to be a non-invasive facelift.
(that’s my personal favorite, that’s why it’s at the top of the list)

– Reduces or eliminated fine lines and wrinkles
– Evens out skin tone
– Tightens and firms the skin
– Reduces or eliminated age spots
– Drain excess fluids
– Hydrated the skin
– Improve blood circulation and lymph drainage
– Reduces the symptoms of sinusitis
– Eliminates toxins from the body


Talkin’ about Home Microcurrent Machines




Click here to order your Home Microcurrent Machine now!


You know you want one! 😉


When are you planning to schedule your next microcurrent facial treatment?



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Microcurrent Facials


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