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Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Facial Massager Review


No one can dispute the fact that it is impossible for anyone else to multitask like a woman. We juggle house work, office work, kids, family, extended family and even friends – all in the course of a normal day. But this hectic schedule means there is barely any time for ourselves and still, we have to look our best.

But that is where the Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Facial Massager Review comes in. We will tell you all about this fabulous little facial toning device.


Review of the Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Facial Massager

The Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Facial Massager is designed to help promote both facial and body blood circulation, while also relieving stressed facial muscle tension.

It barely takes any time to use, is cost effective and results in a glowing, firm skin that will be the envy of any 20 year old you might know.


Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager


This product is a Japanese import and one of the oldest and best known facial massagers in the market.  The Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Facial Massager has been tried and tested by women and given a firm thumbs up.

So much so that this facial massager has been sold out several times in the Japanese and Taiwanese market, before making its inroads onto the global scene.

Facial Massager Micro-Vibration Improves Blood Flow

Using the technique of micro-vibration, the facial massager works on improving the blood flow to get the circulation of the facial skin going. Once this happens, the result is an immediate tightening of the skin along with a glow that comes with the stimulation.

Micro-Vibration Anti-Aging Formula Prevent Wrinkles

This anti-aging formula can also be used to firm up the skin around smile lines of eyes or lips and works wonders for preventing wrinkles. Its simple use means all you need is a few minutes to yourself and it will work wonders for your skin. Use it 3 to 5 minutes a day for younger, healthier looking skin!

Facial Massagers For An Instant Facelift

It consists of an inbuilt battery and is completely water proof. The users have experienced a firm, radiant skin immediately after use and have even noted how relaxing it feels.

Compact and Portable

This sleek, slender product can in fact be carried anywhere you go – a news that will be music to the ears of ladies who travel regularly for work (and pleasure) purposes. Compact and portable, the Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Facial Massager fits in your purse, pocket, or bag anytime, anywhere.

24-Karat Gold Beauty Bar Facial Massager Specs


  • Vibrating bar boosts circulation and relieves tension
  • 24K Gold Plated T-Bar
  • Waterproof structure design, can be used in bath
  • Can be used with or without any moisturizer
  • Delivers a deep massage with 6,000 vibrations per minute
  • Use for three to five minutes per day
  • Twist on/off activation
  • 24-karat gold nanometer technology
  • 1 AA battery required (not included)
  • Size: Main body : length 140mm(5.5″), diameter 16mm(0.6″)
  • T Bar head size : length 35mm(1.4″), diameter 6mm(0.2″)
  • Weight : About 80g (The dry battery is contained)


So, what are you waiting for?


Place your order for the Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Facial Massager before it sells out, once again!!!


For the Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse
Facial Massager, click here!

Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Battery Operated Facial Massager



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Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse
Facial Massager Review



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